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Window Tinting Video

Are you looking for information on how to start and run an automotive tint business? We are ready to help! We are Sunset Automotive Publications, and we specialize in window tinting software and DVD’s that will show you how to tint any glass surface correctly. We specialize in automotive glass tint procedures, and will teach you every technique you need to tint windshields and glass surfaces perfectly.

Window Tinting Video

Perhaps you have seen other tapes or DVDs on the market. Maybe you have even purchased one. What you likely find is that they are simply unedited home tapes that lack the professional edge you are looking for. If you have done this, then you are probably skeptical about trying yet another program. We understand completely!

Sunset's 600 page Automotive Window Tinting Installation Manual is the only one of its kind in the auto window tinting market. It contains pictures of every car on the road, measurements of every window to help you compute Film Cost per car, a place to write your prices for each vehicle (to quickly quote accurate prices to your customers by phone or in person), and door panel and Rear Tray R&R steps for each vehicle.

It is the only manual of its kind, and we have been selling it since 1988! Cars in the manual go back as far as the 70's. If you are starting out in window tinting this manual will save you time and hours of frustration in tinting your customer's cars, and in quoting accurate prices to people calling you on the phone.

Lest you think our window tinting video or DVD is the same as the many you have already found, let us assure you that this is a professionally made tape or DVD that will show you step by step how to tint. It is seventy-five minutes long, and in our Basic Starter Kit, it comes with our 25 page Basic Manual, which we wrote to go along with the tape. We also offer an Advanced Starter Kit where you will receive AWT Video/DVD and a 600 page AWT Manual. Everything is presented in an easy to understand language. With both of these tools, we know you will be thoroughly prepared to begin.

What will you learn with this phenomenal product? We will show you how to:

  • Clean your glass before you start
  • Squeegee techniques for a professional look
  • Achieve a one piece look on your tint job via the Heat Shrink Method.
  • Tint windows that roll down
  • Lists the square feet of every window in the car to show you your film cost before you tint the vehicle.
  • Gives a Classification Number to every vehicle from 1-6 (Degree of difficulty) and the average time it takes to tint it to help you in pricing out every vehicle on the road.

We can also provide you with window tinting software products that will allow your business to easily keep track of your pricing and advertising. They even contain pictures of the current models of cars, with instructions on the tint process for each car, to make your job easier, no matter what drives into your shop.

So if you are looking for a quality window tinting video that works for you, combined with instructions and CD ROMs to make your job easier, visit us at We know you will find our products to be the high quality items you are looking for to help you in your business. We want to help you build a tint business that will rise above the rest. With our informational products, you will be well on your way to a successful automotive tint business!



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