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Window Tinting Tool

An automotive glass tint business can be extremely lucrative, if you have the right tools and tricks. The most important window tinting tool you can buy is an instructional video designed to show you the correct techniques to tint windows correctly each and every time. With this type of instruction, you will know that no matter what car comes into your shop, you can create a perfect tint job each and every time. We are Sunset Automotive Publications, and we are ready to provide you with this type of instructional product.

Window Tinting Tool

We offer videos, manuals, and CD ROMs designed to train you in the lucrative art of automotive tint. Whether you are an up and coming tint business, or simply an individual who wants to do your own car or residential property, our videos will help. For example, one window tinting tip we will show you is how to correctly clean the glass before you start your project. A dirty piece of glass is impossible to work with correctly, and cleaning it thoroughly is not as easy as you might think. We will show you how to do it right.

Our Basic Starter Kit comes with the AWT Video/DVD and a 25 page Basic Manual. The 600 page AWT Manual is offered in the Advanced Starter Kit, where you will get the AWT Video/DVD and the 600 page AWT Manual. You will receive the ultimate instruction by reading the manual while watching the video! We will turn you into a profitable business, rather than just a hobbyist. Our Basic Starter Kit is the most important window tinting tool you can buy. Without it, you will struggle setting up your new business.

Another technique we will teach you is how to squeegee your glass. And once the tint is applied, we will go beyond the average video/DVD and show you advanced techniques to help you get a professional look! Nothing is worse than a tint job that shows. You want your glass to look like it was made tinted, and we can show you how!

So if you are ready to get your hands on the best window tinting tip video and manual, visit us at We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our remarkable products. Whether you are an existing tint shop or a budding entrepreneur looking to start your first business, our products are what you need! So visit us today and get your hands on our professional training video. With it, you can start your business on the right foot!




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