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Window Tinting Kit

Have you been scouring the Internet looking for window tinting training that will really teach you how to properly tint automotive, residential, and commercial windows? Then you have found the perfect site! We are Sunset Automotive Publications, and we have designed training manuals, videos, and software that are designed to show you exactly how to tint all types of glass. We offer several bundles that put our best products together at one low price.

Window Tinting Kit

For example, our basic window tinting kit combines our world-class auto tint video/DVD and our basic instructional manual into one package. The reason this Basic Starter Kit is so helpful is that we have synchronized the basic manual to be timed perfectly with the video. And, if you prefer, you can have the video on DVD that can be played on your TV or computer. Having a DVD allows you to take the video with you into the shop or garage through the use of a portable DVD player.

So what will you learn with this package? We will show you how to:

  • Start off right by cleaning your windows
  • Apply tint film
  • Squeegee the film properly
  • Tint irregularly shaped glass
  • Apply tint to windows that roll down
  • Secret tricks the professional shops use

Do you feel concerned that our products are like everything else you have found? Take a closer look at our Automotive Window Tinting Training manual. This book is filled with the best information you can find! It will show you how to set up a successful shop, complete with a list of supplies you must have to succeed.

If you are looking for more advanced information, consider our Professional Package. This comes with everything in the basic starter bundle, as well as the AWT Manual. This is a book with over five hundred pages with pictures of just about every car on the road today, along with detailed instructions on how to tint the car successfully. This manual is a must-have tool for anyone who is serious. It ensures you will never have to turn a customer and their car away because of lack of information about their vehicle.

So if you are ready to get started, pick up a window tinting kit from our website, We will show you the tips and tools you need to successfully work with each and every car or truck that comes into your shop. With our help, you can succeed in your new automotive tint business!




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