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Our Win-tint estimating software will assist your automotive window tinting shop in the daily pricing of vehicle window tinting to prospective auto tint customers. The Win-tint program will calculate material costs, prices and more

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Win-Tint Estimating Software

Win-Tint Estimating Software

Win-tint Estimating Software Assists shops in the daily pricing of vehicles to prospective customers. Contains screen pictures of every vehicle on the road, instructions on how to tint and where to splice the rear window in every vehicle, the square footage of each window to assist in computing your film cost per vehicle, the running feet removed from each roll used to provide accurate film inventory control, and "add-on" boxes to list other products or services (upgrades) the customer may chose. Prints a screen picture that can function as an estimate that can be given to the customer.

Win-tint Estimating Software can be used by virtually any automotive aftermarket business, from auto detailing to stereo-alarm shops. Although designed specifically for window tinting shops, its Add-On tables allow any shop to list an unlimited variety of products and services it offers in addition to window tinting.

Win-tint's greatest asset lies in its 'interactive' capacity to display the customer's vehicle on-screen, while its extensive array of information and features produces instant credibility with the customer.

With over 800 vehicles to choose from, chances are, your customers vehicle will be in Win-tint!!!

Enhanced Search Features!!

Enhanced Search Features : Auto make and model

To locate a vehicle, simply click the "Model" box and enter the first few letters of the vehicle model you wish to find. When the appropriate vehicle is selected (shaded) press the Enter key or select the vehicle using the mouse and the vehicle appears on-screen.

In this screen shot, just typing in the letters 'Int' gives you a list of Integras to choose from!!

Itemized Window Measurement Table Helps You Determine
The Best Roll Size And Keep Cost Down !!!

Itemized Window Measurement Table Helps You Determine The Best Roll Size And Keep Cost Down

This table lists the width and height in inches of every window in the vehicle, the recommended roll size for each window-group, and the linear feet of film needed to tint each set of windows. The two square foot tables under the window sizes, list the square feet used for each window group to calculate film cost per vehicle. The savings box lists savings in film used when the recommended roll sizes are used.

Change Individual Prices And Keep Notes . . .

Change Individual Prices And Keep Notes . . .

You can easily enter information regarding customer name, date, and estimate given on each Info-Quote line. All information is saved for later reference.

Or Change Prices Across The Board!!

Or Change Prices Across The Board!!

Win-tint allows instant price modification of every vehicle in the system!




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