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Get Sunset’s “Everything GoesWindow Tinting Training Package and you will receive our Auto Tint DVD at
No Charge! I’ve created this package for those who want to learn to tint professionally

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Everything Goes Window Tinting Training Package!

Get Sunset’s “Everything GoesTraining Package and you will receive our Auto Tint DVD at
No Charge! I’ve created this package for those who want to learn to tint professionally. If all you want to do is tint your own car and “save money” then just purchase the Automotive Window Tinting Video for $49.95 but please have no illusions – it takes weeks, even months of practice to become proficient in auto window tinting, contrary to the claims some sites make.

This package will not only expose you to the methods needed to professionally tint vehicles, but it will equip you with the tools necessary to promote and run a window tinting business! When I say everything, I mean everything!

1. You get our Auto Tint DVD – a professionally shot and edited DVD, not hour after hour of unedited shop footage that other sites sell. This DVD won’t make you a window tinter, but it will expose you to everything you need to do to become a pro – fixed, roll-down windows, old film removal, one-piece rear window installation techniques.

You get our 500 page Automotive Window Tinting Installation Manual on a CD-Rom! This is a software package that contains color pictures of every car on the road, complete with pricing (you enter your own pricing per vehicle!), and tint-simulation for every vehicle that allows you and your customers to “preview” what their car will look like after you tint it!

Plus you can keep notes of each vehicle you tint, record customer names and phone numbers under each car, and keep track of everyone who calls you for prices

This software will make you look professional immediately and give you instant credibility with any customer. This software package is included with our
Everything Goes” offer, but there is more:

3. You get the 25 page Auto DVD companion manual (Basic Manual) that contains pictures and explains in detail everything featured in the Auto tint DVD! It explains window film nomenclature – “What does CS 20B-SR mean, anyway?” - the window film manufacturing process, shop lay-out, and more.

4. You get phone numbers of the window film manufacturers! Once you take possession of this package just call me and I will give you the names and phone numbers of established, reputable film distributors that I have used for years. They sell quality film and have sound warranties on their film. You will go direct to the source and save big on film and tool costs!

5. You get to talk to me on the phone whenever you have questions! I started out in 1977 in the window tinting business, and while I don’t know everything there is to know about film application and owning and running a window tint business, I do know a lot, and when you purchase my Everything Goes Kit you will get me included!

All of the above products in my Everything Goes Training Package is yours for only $99.95 + $15.00 S/H!!! .

This is a $299.95 value. Check out our Order Page if you don’t believe me!

You will spend ten times this amount or more for the various training programs out there, but this package will not only get you started in window tinting, but will provide you with tools you will need to market and run your window tint business day after day.

If you’re serious - and if you’ve read this far you must be – then I hope you take advantage of this offer!

If you have questions all you have to do is email or call me at 800-473-1158. Thanks for your time!



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