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Free Win-tint Demo Download

Sunset Automotive Publications is proud to announce
Win-tint 2003!!

Included in the Demo is improved Colorization functionality!!
Available for Windows 98/2000 Windows XP

Please fill out this brief form to receive a link via e-mail to download a free demo! Be sure to read the instructions included below for an easy install.

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Please Note: An accurate email address is required to receive the link to download the demo.

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(Please note: File size is ~5.6 MB or ~35 Minutes at 28.8) Once you have received your email and have downloaded the Demo32-5.exe, just run the Demo32-5.exe self-extracting file. A screen will pop up as shown below. Click "Unzip" as shown in the example picture below and then run Setup.exe in your Windows\temp folder. (This is where the Demo files have been 'extracted'.) Follow the on screen instructions from that point.

(Example Picture of what will appear on your machine.)

Questions? Call 1-800-473-1158

Having trouble downloading? Please try one of this fine product that makes downloading large files easy!! This software product is unrelated to Win-tint. Please read their instructions for use of their software program.



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