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Window Tinting is one of the fastest growing segments of the automotive aftermarket industry. The startup costs are extremely low - all you need is a roll of film, a few tools-of-the-trade and a customer vehicle! However, proper training in window tinting is extremely important and Sunset is committed to providing our customers with the most professional training support products in the industry! Our business philosophy is not merely to train, but to actively support those we train with products that will increase their selling power and technical abilities. Take a look at where you are right now in the 'Growth Levels' listed below. In each case, Sunset Automotive Publications has products to assist you in moving toward your own personal goals, whether they be part-time out of your house, running a small commercial business, or establishing multiple locations with a variety of auto aftermarket products and services.

Entry Level Window Tinting Training

Growth and success in window tinting depends upon solid skills and techniques in window film installation. Basic training and exposure to the fundamentals of window tinting are critical in developing these skills. Our Starter Kit is tailor-made to help you meet these requirements.

Starter Kit Automotive Window  Tinting Training

The 75 minute Automotive Window Tinting Video covers shop setup, tools-of-the-trade, and exposure to all the techniques involved in automotive window tinting. The Basic Manual is a companion to the video and covers other basic information such as window film construction and nomenclature, tinting laws (state and federal), and a Video Directory that enables you to fast forward the video to specific sections quickly for viewing.

Professional Level Window Tintin Training

This level includes individuals or shops which have been engaged in window tinting for a minimum of six months to a year and whose skill level is reflected in quality film installations and continued customer satisfaction. The main objective for these shops is increasing productivity and profit through the use of advanced techniques and efficient workflow. The materials contained in our Advanced Performance Package will enable shops to streamline their pricing, installation, and sales capabilities.

Advanced Performance Package Automotive Window Tinting Training

The Automotive Window Tinting Manual solves two ongoing daily shop dilemmas: the pricing of products and services to perspective customers, and the need for quick, efficient film installations. Our Win-tint Estimating Software is really the Automotive Window Tinting Manual on PC but has the 'interactive' features of Tint-Simulations to "preview" their car's tinted look On-Screen! Add-On tables advertise your shops other products and services to stimulate the selling of upgrades and your entire product-mix. It is a great selling tool, as well as an in-house support product.

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