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Here you will learn about residential and commercial glass tinting including how to purchase our training video with all of the information you need to start your own window tinting business

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Glass Tinting

Glass tinting is becoming more and more popular for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Not only does a dark tint add appeal to windows, it also protects the interior from harmful sun rays that can lead to the fading of your furnishings. There is also a protective film available called a “security film.” This film protects against vandalism, graffiti, and damage from tornados and hurricanes. Many people are choosing these applications to add to the appeal and the safety of their windows.

Glass Tinting

At Sunset Automotive Publications, we have put together the informational tools that you need to become a professional tinter. We have over ten years of experience working for you, so the guess work is taken out of knowing which techniques work best. Our easy to order products can be found online and are guaranteed to give you professional results. Glass tinting is fast becoming an aftermarket product that is applied to windows during the installation process. The profits are there for the taking if you are willing to spend just a few short weeks learning how to take the technique from beginning to end.

Sunset Automotive Publications carries a great product you can’t afford to pass by if you are doing your own glass tinting or are planning to start your own business:

  • Commercial and Residential Information Video: We have developed a video that gives you all the information you need to know about applying film to windows. Whether you are doing work for your own home, or want to start your own profitable business, Sunset Automotive Publications has what you need to get started. This video comes complete with information about preparing windows for the tint process, how to work safely from a ladder or other high places, how to add film to windows that have different shapes, and how you can better manage your business.

After purchasing our informational video, you will be well on your way to learning the tint process. We have designed a program that lets you understand the basics before you move on to the more complicated aspects of window applications.

At Sunset Automotive Publications, we have all the products and information you need to start your own business. Whether you are interested in glass tinting for residential windows, commercial windows, or automotive windows, we have what you need. Visit our website at for more information.




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