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Here you will get information about car tinting windows including window tinting basic starter kit, window tinting advanced starter kit, and auto window tint software for the advanced tinter or tint shop.

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Car Tinting

Car tinting is a discipline you need to fully understand before you can start working on your own vehicle or working on others. If you are thinking about starting your own company that specializes in window work, you may want to have as many skills under your belt as you can before you get started. Sunset Automotive Publications has made it possible for you to get the knowledge and experience you need to make it in the automotive finishing industry. Our products have been created with both the beginner and the professional in mind.

Car Tinting

The process of car tinting is all about applying plastic, shaded material to the windows of the vehicle. This technique is becoming one of the fastest growing “aftermarket” sectors of the automotive industry. Aftermarket means that the process of window work is completed after the vehicle has been purchased by the consumer. Other types of aftermarket products are detailing, gold-plating, wing installations, and stereo installations.

One reason why so many consumers like adding tint to the windows of their vehicle is that it adds a look to the car that can’t be created any other way. Young people love the look of darkened windows, while the baby boomer generation likes to focus on the fact that car tinting blocks out the sun and UV radiation, both which can lead to the deterioration of the vehicle’s interior. With so much demand for window work, you can take advantage of the process by becoming a professional.

We carry a wide range of products that give you the skills and knowledge you need to start working on vehicle windows. The products we sell include:

  • Automotive window tint installation manual: This manual has been created for the person who is serious about starting their own shop. You’ll learn all about pricing, detailing, window installation, and how to manage your shop inventory.
  • Automotive window tint video: This video demonstrates all stages of the process. Designed for the beginner, the video has all the basics you need to understand what it takes to start working on your own vehicle or start your own shop for profit.

If you are interested in residential or car tinting, we have the products you need to get started. Sunset Automotive Publications has been selling quality products, such as basic manuals and videos, for over ten years. Check out our website at for more information about the products we sell.




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