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Here you will get information about auto tinting windows including window tinting basic starter kit, window tinting advanced starter kit, and car window tint software for the advanced tinter or tint shop.

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Auto Tinting

Auto tinting is a specialized market that insists you have the skills required to do a professional job. But how do you gain that professionalism if you’re a novice and a beginner? Sunset Automotive Publications is pleased to provide you with products whether you will be doing work that is residential, commercial, or automotive. Our products are ideal if you want to start your own window finishing business, are working on your own automobile or residence, or if you want to start a business within your current one. Learn How to make money Auto Tinting

The products we sell are guaranteed to get you up and running in no time without hesitation or worry that you don’t know what you are doing. Some of the products we sell include:

  • Window Tinting Basic Starter: This kit contains both a manual and a video to get you started on the basics of auto tinting. You’ll learn the beginning steps of the process so you can quickly master the techniques.
  • Window Tinting Advanced Starter: This advanced kit has been designed for someone who has moved beyond the basics. You get a manual and a video that show you how to become proficient in what you do. The manual contains pictures of every type of vehicle so you can match your quote price to the work you do. You’ll learn how to quickly work on rear windows and have them reinstalled again in no time.
  • Window Tinting Software: Our software manual is perfect for the professional who wants a variety of information at their fingertips. Some of the functions of this software include add-on tables to provide your customers with other products and an appointment calendar to help you with the scheduling of your clients. This software makes running your shop that much easier and efficient.

Sunset Automotive Publications has been selling auto tinting products since 1990. We have the experience and knowledge you need to produce quality work at reasonable prices for your customers. Our products are designed to have you working professionally in no time at all.

At Sunset Automotive Publications, we know how important it is that you have as much information about tinting as you can get. We carry a wide variety of these informational products so you have the skills you need to tint professionally. For more information about auto tinting, and the items we sell, visit our website at




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