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We specialize in how to tint windows training manuals, instructional DVD's and software for the automotive and residential window tinting professional. Learn how to earn money and increase profits in the car window tint and commercial window tinting industry

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Window Tinting : Manuals, Training, DVD's & Software

Whether you are new to window tinting and want to start your very own window tinting business, an established window tinting company that's looking for products that will improve the technical skills and abilities of your window tinters, or a car parts discount store that's looking to diversify and create another profit center within your business, when it comes to window tinting we've got you covered!

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Automotive window tinting video
75 Minute Training DVD. This window tinting video/DVD reveals all you need to tint every vehicle on the road, including proper cleaning techniques,  window tinting tools-of-the-trade, film removal, rear window splicing, heat-shrink method of one-piece rear window installations, and much more!

Preview automotive window tinting video

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Requires Quicktime player. Download it here for free.

Automotive window tinting installtion manual

Automotive Window Tinting Installation Manual

The "Bible" of the auto window tinting industry - over 600 pages containing every vehicle on the road, its picture, each window's square feet (to determine its film cost), door panel R&R tips, suggested prices to tint each vehicle and the estimated time needed to complete the job.

Window tinting software

Window Tinting Software

Our Win-tint software contains all of the information in the Auto Window Tinting Installation Manual, plus color pics of all of the cars, the ability to do window tint "Simulations" (show your prospective customer what different shades and color tints would look like on their car before you tint it), an Appointment Calendar, and much more to enable your shop to land the customer before the competition does! Download a Free Demo.

Professional residential / commercial window tinting video or DVD
Residential / Commercial Window Tinting Video or DVD

Over 2 hours of technical information on how to tint homes, offices, and businesses.  This training DVD shows film inventory methods, tools-fo-the-trade, proper splicing techniques of large windows, ladder-work, and more!


Sunset Automotive Publications : Window Tinting Training Manuals, DVD's and Software
Window tinting software, manuals and kits to run your own window tinting business.